The Rules of Tarkov


# Rule Name Description
1 Respect The Tag Whoever gets the killshot, gets the loot. Sure, that M1A looks sexy, their armor is better, or maybe your buddy can't even carry it all. What the tag reads is who now owns that loot. Ask, don't take.
2 Roam on Auto When you’re just walking around, a PMC can pop out of the blue and work you at pretty much any time. You need to be ready to spray him back to the Walmart office chair from whence he came.
3 Where There's One, There's Two Don't pop off at the first sight of an enemy. Assume there's two, assume there's three, assume there's five. Maneuver to gain tactical advantage. When the enemy is hopelessly positioned, open fire with the force of a thousand Suns. When the fight is over play like there's 1 more.
4 SCAVS Can Be Worth More Alive Sure, it's hard to resist the juicy scav vest and Toz, but scavs can be your early warning system. Like the days of the US Army: if the birds are singing in that treeline, there are no fighters in that treeline. Scavs are your closest thing to a minefield. They tell you where PMCs aren't and proof of absence is knowledge.
5 Ears, Then Eyes Eyes will put sights on targets, but ears will orient your body towards potential threats.
6 Clear, Then Loot When the killing is done, let the murder scene breathe. Then, check the area. Only after should you loot.
7 Touch the Butt Tarkov is all about money and XP. If you see a body on the ground, open its invetory to gain search XP- even if there's nothing good on it. It helps in the long run.
8 Aggression is King There is no time when you are more vulnerable, than when you are not moving. You don't need to sprint everywhere, but movement will save you when a fight kicks off. Creeping around may get you the jump sometimes, but anytime you're creeping slowly and get spotted first, you're dead.
9 Ammo is Everything Ammo is the most expensive thing in Tarkov. All is lost without high Pen. ammo. The recoil system and SCAV aimbot can hurt you, sure. But, tanky chad PMCs absorbing 30 rounds while one-tapping you with M995, that's the real killer. Invest in ammo.
10 Loss is Inevitable Your hours played and the age of your account doesn’t factor into your obligation to endure loss when you launch this game. When you play Escape from Tarkov, you will experience loss. Even that giant kitted-out try-hard who “literally kills you every raid” has days when he simply can’t extract from a single raid and takes huge losses. Don’t let it get it to you.


# Rule
1 You can not purchase equipment from Dealers or the Flea Market with money.
2 You may only Barter for equipment.
3 Use of the Flea Market is prohibited.
4 You may only use your Secure container for keys.
5 Mission specific items may be bought using cash.
6 The Lab may be entered with the use of a key. No limitations.
7 Using your SCAV is prohibited. PMC raids only.
8 You may only play with other Hardcore Players in your squad.
9 Assistance from friends or communities is prohibited.
10 Items required for hideout upgrades must be either crafted in the hideout or found in raid.
11 Hideout crafint is permitted.
12 In-raid & Task money can be used in the "Global Cash Stack"
13 In-raid & Task USD can be used to complete missions.
14 Money obtained from leveling Dealer Reputations will no longer be deleted. It will now be stored and added to the "Global Cash Stack" to be used for Hideout Upgrades that require money. You can exchange RUB - USD - EUR however you see fit but you can NOT use the money to purchase items from the flea market to upgrade your hideout.
G.C.S. GLOBAL CASH STACK: Given changes with the money storage in containers, it is far more simplistic and fair to have the money obtained from a reputation farm, in raid and tasks be combined for Clothing Upgrades, Hideout Upgrades and Armor Repair.