Tarkov Armor Guide


About Armor

Armor class is the most important aspect of any protective armor in EFT. Armor class represents how effective the armor is at stopping incoming rounds with varying levels of ballistic effectiveness. Armor classes range from 1-6. The higher the class, the better the armor.

When it comes to armor durability, it's important to remember how the displayed fraction, in the bottom right of the armor, actually works. The number on the left side is your armor's current durability. The number on the right is the armor's max repairable durability. When determining how effective your armor is at stopping a round, you must compare the armor's current durability on the left with the armor's maximum durability. The armor's maximum durability can only be found by purchasing a new armor piece from a vendor- excluding Fence. Divide your armor's current durability by the armor's maximum durability to get your armor's integrity. For example, if you have an armor piece that reads 30/45, but the armor's maximum durability is 50, you actually possess armor that is 30/50; therefore that armor's integrity is at 60%.

Use the calculators above and the equations below to better understand how armor functions.

Armor Destructability

Material Destructability % Repair Rate
Aramid 25% Good
Polyethylene 45% Very Good
Combined Materials 50% Average
Titanium 55% Good
Aluminium 60% Good
Armored Steel 70% Very Good
Ceramic 80% Bad
Glass 80% Horrible

Armor Equations

Calculating Effective Durability

Equation Purpose
Effective durability is calculated by dividing the armors durability by the material distructibility. The higher the effective durability within an armor class, the better the armor.

Calculating The Armor's Constant

Equation Purpose
The armor constant is heavily based off of the armors class and takes into account the armors current integrity. To calculate the armors constant, insert the values for integrity (d), and the armors calss (c). Then solve. To find your armors integrity, divide the armors current durability by its purchased maximum.

Calculating Ammo Penetration Chance

Equation Purpose
Ammo penetration chance is simply the chance a fired round has to penetrate armor. To calculate the penetration chance, you must first find the armors constant (a) and subtract the rounds penetraton chance (p) from it. Then solve the rest of the equation.